Dog Boarding at Lake Country DogPlease pack for Fluffy or Fido’s stay: Food packed in separate bags with their name’s printed on it for each meal. It’s important to pack their regular food as some dogs can be nervous and any change in their diet can cause them to be uncomfortable or get sick. If possible, it would be helpful to have a printed copy of your dog’s up-to-date vaccinations or have your vet’s office call our facility. Vaccinations not only protect you dog, but also protect other dogs at the facility. We must have proof of vaccinations prior to your dog arriving. Feel free to pack a couple toys and/or chews, your dog’s leash, medication (if needed) and any bedding that may remind your dog of home is also very helpful. Keep in mind we can not guarantee that the bedding or toys come back in one piece (some dogs get nervous/excited and chew!) We provide bowls for your convenience. Please remember that the more emotional you are when leaving – the more anxiety your pet feels when you are gone! Dogs are GRRREEAT at picking up on your emotions and tend to emulate your behavior! The calmer you stay, the calmer your pup will be when you say goodbye.

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