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December 30, 2016

Advantages to Hiring a Dog Walker

Advantages to Hiring a Dog Walking ServiceWe, at Lake Country Dog, believe that for dogs to be physically healthy they need to be mentally healthy as well – one cannot exist without the other! When a dog does not get enough physical exercise it can cause them to have anxiety or aggression issues – problems that do not occur naturally in dogs. A dog playing in the back yard does not provide enough exercise. They are, by nature, pack animals and, because of this, it is helpful to a dog’s mental and physical health for them to spend their days playing in large groups. It is in this “pack atmosphere” where dogs develop a hierarchy which helps them to understand who’s in charge at home with their human families! When we are walking the dogs we like to let them feel as though we are their “pack leader.” It’s reassuring to them to know
they don’t have to be in control and can be the follower. This allows them to avoid feeling any pressure and they can just enjoy the physical activity. 

Aggression is not a normal emotional trait for a dog – in nature they use aggression to compete for food/territory but NOT as an emotional response to a situation.
Aggression can be a sign that your dog does not possess a normal balanced state of mind and is in need of something to bring him/her back to his roots (dogs are born with a naturally strong and confident demeanor, it’s situations that humans put them in that cause them mental distress.) Also, any hyperactivity you see in your dog is a direct signal telling you that they aren’t getting enough stimulation during the day. This lack of stimulation can lead to many dogs experiencing separation anxiety during the day. When they are at home alone all day we find that dogs often have behavioral problems. At Lake Country Dog we are able to provide them a healthy atmosphere and give them the attention they require to keep them from chewing up your favorite shoes or the leg of your coffee table!


Contact Stacy TODAY to get your dog happy and healthy with a refreshing walk!  262-567-9663(WOOF)



December 30, 2016

Doggie Day Care

Is your dog destroying your home while you are at work? Do you want your dog to gain socialization skills? When your dog comes to Lake Country Dog they get quality care and will make lots of puppy friends!

Why Daycare? Due to physical and mental needs being met, your dog will be better behaved, happier and more enjoyable. When you come home tired, they come home tired. Misbehavior brought on by boredom or stress is reduced or eliminated. No matter what size or breed, dogs require a great deal of exercise to stay healthy. A short walk once a day is not nearly enough. Socialization and interaction with a variety of different dogs and people will keep them safer and more at ease when approached by dogs outside of daycare. img_1005 We are like no other daycare facility around.  We offer a higher intensity curriculum (both mental and physical) with smaller groups of dogs.  We max out at 15 dogs per day.  Because of this we re
quire that each dog comes a
minimum of 4 times a month to form bonds and as to not get stressed when they do visit.  We also drop your dog off at your home by 3 pm so you don’t have to worry about picking them up at the end of the day.  What we would need from you is a key or garage code to enter your home.  We are BONDED and INSURED.  I started out as a dog walker almost 10 years ago now and am very familiar with respectfully entering client’s homes as to not disturb anything.  Keys are kept in a locked key cabinet at our office with no address or details associated with each key. Same goes for any garage code given.  References are available upon request.

Day Care Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Friday
7:00 am – 1:30 pm 

(Drop off between 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm)




Please call us to find out the soonest available start date based on your location and our availability.  

*ALL dogs must have proof of vaccinations PRIOR to arriving for Doggie Day Care*


Duration Price
Daily (minimum attendance of 4 times per month) $26 (1) Dog….$49.50  (2) Dogs
10 Visit Pass $250 (1) Dog…..$480.50 (2) Dogs
Drop – In Daycare (clients who are not on our weekly schedule)  $31 per dog


Why Choose Lake Country Dog

img_10031.  Convenience!  We are conveniently located on Wisconsin Avenue (Hwy 16) in Downtown Oconomowoc.  We cater to our clients.  We happily drop your dogs off at your home between 2 and 3 pm every day.  We service Ixonia (Wednesdays), Oconomowoc, Delafield (Wednesdays and Fridays), Okauchee and parts of Nashotah.

2.  Class size.  We limit our enrollment to 15 dogs a day to ensure a constant and consistent ability to monitor the dogs in our care.  We separate all dogs based on size and temperament.

3.  Experience.   Natasha has been in the industry of caring for dogs since 2006.

4.   Health.  Exercise is a very important for a dog every day.  Allow us the chance to assist you in making your dog the best possible version of them self!  We also sanitize our facility and toys daily, if not multiple times a day.img_0358

5.  Excitement.  We offer a shorter day than most daycares but it’s a more intensive and exciting day!  Your pup will come home dog-tired!
6.  Manners.  We work on some basic obedience skills with your dogs in our care.

7.  Technology.  We happily post pictures and updates on our Facebook page so you can see what fun your dog is having when they attend Lake Country Dog.

8.   Stress Free.  We require all dogs that attend our daycare to come a minimum of one day a week, on the same day/s every week to ensure pack bonding, lower stress levels, and wonderful friendships!

img_10029.  Good Clean Fun! Our outdoor area is as clean as you can get!  Specialized turf with an antimicrobial coating and  composite decking.  This means No Mud and No Mess!  You dogs come and play all day and leave just as clean as they arrived!

10.  Happiness.  Your dog will come home from our facility not only tired, physically and mentally, but happy at all of the fun activities they were able to participate in.  A day’s work well done.  Fulfillment for many dogs comes from draining their mental and physical requirements.  We strive to provide a quality of service unmatched by our competitors.

 In order to provide a quality and healthy environment for your dogs, we like to keep a consistent schedule of which dogs will be in attendance on a daily and weekly basis. We require weekly/monthly reservations. We do this for a number of reasons, including, but not limited too, the health and stress levels of your pets, our ability to monitor and separate the dogs into appropriate groups, and the ability to properly route our daily drop off service.

Doggie Day Care at Lake Country Dog


December 30, 2016



Contact us today to schedule a grooming appointment with our knowledgeable and professional staff. Our grooming staff will keep your dog safe and happy during it’s grooming experience. Contact us today at 262-567-WOOF (9663) for a grooming appointment!

I appreciate you picking your dog up by 1:30


Great Discount Offers!

Rebook your FULL Grooming appointment every 4-12 weeks and SAVE $5!

Rebook you BATH appointment every 4-12 weeks and SAVE $10!



Full Groom
Full bath with a gentle massage, complete dry and hair cut or full trim, nail trim, ears cleaned/plucking if necessary, teeth brushed, spritz of cologne.


Bath & Brush
Full bath with a gentle massage, complete dry and brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned/plucked if necessary, teeth brush, spritz of cologne.  We offer an AMAZING De-Shedding treatment for $15 additional…Keeps shedding away for up to 3 WEEKS!


“CHECK IN” on Facebook and  Receive Complimentary Teeth brushing 

December 30, 2016


Dogs enjoy the benefits of Daycare during the day… playing with friends and getting tired out… but have their own personal and private space at night. Our staff of exceptional and life long dog lovers give each dog plenty of one on one attention in the evening to help relax for bed time!

Dogs enjoy the benefits of Daycare during the day… playing with friends and getting tired out… but have their own personal and private space at night. Our staff of exceptional and life long dog lovers give each dog plenty of one on one attention in the evening to help relax for bed time!

img_1010All dogs are required brings their own food, treats, bedding, and toys when they spend the night. This way each dog is kept on the diet they
are accustomed and are able to relax in a space filled with familiar smells and belongings. We find this lowers your pet’s stress level considerably. After all, it’s already hard enough being away from the family!

We find that most dogs really enjoy their stay with us. And shouldn’t your dog be having fun while you are off doing the same?




Why Choose Lake Country Dog for Boarding??

  1. We are SMALL!  We have only 8 standard kennels.  That means a total of 8 boarding families at a time AND we only allow 15 dogs a day in our daycare.  Why do we do this?  To guarantee that your dog receives the BEST and most PERSONALIZED care around.  We never overbook or stack kennels, we want dogs to LOVE coming here, stretch their legs and feel stress free.
  2. We CLEAN & SANITIZE daily!  Sometimes even multiple times a day.  Our kennels and walls in our playrooms/cage-free boarding areas are all anti-microbial and our floors are brand new epoxy.  We even give your dog a new food and water bowl each day!
  3. We take the time to PLAY with your dog!
  4. Your dog will enjoy DAYCARE!  Unless you choose otherwise.
  5. We are a SMALL & PERSONAL business.  We do this because WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!
  6. We are CONVENIENTLY LOCATED in Downtown Oconomowoc!  Don’t let that fool you though – we have a very nice sized, fenced outdoor area for the dogs to romp around in.
  7. We supply each dog with an orthopedic raised bed in their kennel or cage-free boarding area.
  8. We have GREAT add-on’s like peanut butter Kongs or doggy ice cream before bed!  We even have essential oils flowing through our facility all day to promote relaxation and calm (at no additional fee)
  9. We treat each dog that comes in here LIKE OUR OWN!
  10. We are happy to keep you updated in your dogs stay!  Email, Text or Call us whenever you want – We’ll even send PICTURES if you ask, or if your dog begs :-)

We REQUIRE ALL boarding dogs staying longer than 3 days (who have never boarded with us) to attend our daycare program prior to boarding.  This will help to familiarize your dog with us, and our facility, thus being a more enjoyable experience.  Your dog must pass our daycare program in order to board at our facility.  We DO NOT accept dogs that are agressive, or who do not do well with other dogs.


Drop Off/Pickup Times:

Monday – By Appointment Only Between 7:00 – 1:30 & 6:00 – 6:15 pm

Tuesday – Friday – 7:00 am – 1:30 pm & 6:00 – 6:15 pm

Saturday – 7:00 am – 7:15 am

Sunday – 6:00 pm – 6:15 pm

*ALL dogs must have proof of vaccinations PRIOR to arriving for Doggie Day Care*



Per Night Price
Standard Kennel (no Daycare)

This pricing is for our standard kennel (4×6) with 4-6 potty and play breaks a day.

 $30 Each Dog
Standard Kennel (includes Daycare!)

This pricing is for our standard kennel (4×6) with a full day of daycare.

$41 (1) Dog…..$78 (2) Dogs
Cage-Free Boarding

This pricing is for our “Cage-Free” kennels, meaning your dog will stay overnight in one of our big, fenced daycare area (by themselves or with their “family” of dogs).

$48 (1) Dog….. $91.25 (2) Dogs