Happy Tails!

You guys rock!

Thanks for taking such good care of Charlie (the beagle mix) this weekend! I am amazed you guys got his nails clipped! This has heretofore been an unattainable feat for even the most experienced groomers. You guys rock!

Cathie Geske
Charlie's Doggy Mommy

We're really happy!

Thanks for your help with Gus. He's turning back into the sweet, lovable dog we knew before the bad daycare experience. Still too energetic, too eager to leap on people, too hungry-all-the-time -- but a much, much happier dog who's much easier to be around, less nervous around people, less liable to bark and growl. We're really happy!

Anne Fullerton
Back to Good Ole Gus

Best Kennel/Grooming Places Ever

We truly appreciate everything you and the good people at Lake Country Dog have done for us and Wrigley and Fenway. You have one of the best kennel/grooming places we have ever taken them to.

Jared S
Happy Doodle Dad

My giant ball of energy... LOVES her doggy daycare!!!


My giant ball of energy, 1 year old black lab, LOVES her doggy daycare!!!  She knows when it is time to go and will go right to the car door because she is so excited!  She is then delivered back to my house for no additional charge and sleeps like a baby the rest of the day.
The owner, Natasha, is great with Piper and always has a smile on her face when we drop her off!  She is friendly, flexible and is reasonably priced!  Piper has also enjoyed her amazing grooming services.  She was bathed, brushed, de-shedded and had her nails clipped. My vacuum had a nice break from all her black fur!  I highly recommend her to any Lake Country dog owner.

Laura S

We'll be back soon!

"Taylor" went in for grooming at Lake Country Dog and came out with a spring in his step. He was proud to show off his new field cut and smelled terrific! His nails were trimmed to perfection! So gracious for your attention to detail! We'll be back soon!

Chad Leton
Proud Owner of a Brittany dog

He LOVES Doggie Daycare


I have been taking my Wheaten there for about a year now for daycare and HE LOVES IT! When we pull in he can't wait to get out of the car, running to the door and when he gets home he is completely worn out! I Love it! He sleeps like a baby for a day or two after his days at "School" and I love it! And the best part about it.... Natasha delivers them all at the end of the day! I couldn't be happier with their services!

Laura G

You are doing a great job!

Natasha, we think you are doing a great job. When I come home from work Marcus seems calm.

Lisa Ferguson
Satisfied Dog Mommy

He will be well taken care of.


I am so happy to have Lake Country Dog available for my dog. The facility is always clean and well kept. I know that I can bring in my dog for day care, grooming or boarding and know he will be well taken care of

Leslie K

Three Reasons...


Three reasons why Lake Country Dog is our groomer of choice:
1. Safe, loving environment
2. My huge, stinky, very shed-prone dog always comes back to me smelling fresh and clean... and whatever they do to reduce shedding works like a miracle!
3. The level of passion and love for the dogs is evident in the sweet care my dog receives.
We are big, big fans!!!

Sarah L

Thank you Lake Country Dog


I've been taking my dog to Lake Country Dog since she was a puppy and love the care she gets from the staff. My dog loves going and I know she's being cared for and having fun with all the other dogs. I also get grooming done and they are the best groomers in Oconomowoc. Thank you Lake Country Dog for taking care of my babies!

Peggy O

Thanks again for your service!

Thanks again for your service. Solomon, looked good when I got home, and happy.

Don Carlos Scarboro

He looks great!

Just got home from picking up Jake from his grooming....or should I say pampering appointment! He looks great and was so calm and happy! I love the facility! Welcome to your new location and I wish you much success!

Happy Customer

Happy Doodle Dad

We truly appreciate everything you and the good people at Lake Country Dog have done for us and Wrigley and Fenway. You have one of the best kennel/grooming places we have ever taken them to.

Jared S.

We love Lake Country Dog!

We love Lake Country Dog!  Every time we drop our 1 year old dog off, he is so excited to see Natasha and play with the other dogs!  Natasha keeps the place clean and she is always smiling.  She is both accommodating and caring.  Recently when we had two family emergencies, she accepted Bailey (our dog) at a moment's notice.  We are very thankful for such a wonderful place so close to home!  Thank you Natasha.  Keep up the great work!!!

Angela B

She seems very content!

Hi, Natasha -- Thanks for taking such good care of Mel ... she seems very content.

Rick Hasson
Cat Owner

Thank you!

Thank you for taking such good care of Molly the past few days. Your notes totally made my day (the latest one is now on my refrigerator) and I know Molly was thrilled to play with Briar.

Rachel G
Daily Dog Walking Client

He loves going to "school"!

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.52.29 PM

We started going to Lake Country Dog about two years ago. We had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our puppy when I got news that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Between taking care of my grandma, my mom, and a new puppy, I was overwhelmed.

I started sending Oliver to Lake Country Dog to give him some attention and to give me a bit of a break while I tended to the other people in my life.

He loves going to "school" so much, that I can't say that word in front of him without him getting excited. I know that when he's there, he is loved and well cared for.

My mom has been out of treatment for a year, and my grandmother passed away last August, so I don't have a need to send Oliver to Lake Country Dog for daycare. But he loves it so much, that I still send him once a week!!

Natasha also grooms him, and always does a great job. One time, he even fell asleep while being groomed.

I highly recommend Lake Country Dog.

Maggie A.

We love taking our dog to Lake Country Dog


It's great we love taking our dog to Lake Country Dog for daycare, grooming, and boarding and it's even better because our dog loves to go there!  They have a wonderful play area and alternative in bad weather.
When we board her there, they take great care of her and give us options to fit our needs.

It feels like leaving your dog with family--whether it is a grooming, daycare or boarding, my family and especially our dog recommend Lake Country Dog!


Charlie can't wait to go to Lake Country Dog


I use Lake Country for Boarding, grooming and daycare for my Dog.  I always feel comfortable leaving Charlie with Natasha, Feels like he's going to a family members to stay while I'm away.  Grooming is always done really nice and Charlie can't wait to go to Lake Country on Friday's for Daycare.  He comes home and wants to cuddle from his active day.

Mary Beth F.

He comes home happy and tired.


Our dog Charlie has been going to Lake Country Dog for about a year and a half and he absolutely loves going! He comes home happy and tired. I know he is in great hands and is very well cared for. He also is dropped off at the end of the doggy daycare day to our home, which makes sending him to daycare fit our schedules. The owner has been great and allows flexibility for our schedules. We highly recommend Lake Country Dog!

Suzanne R.

Highly Recommended!

My "enthusiastic" one year old lab has been going to day care here for about 6 months and I couldn't be happier. The owner is always positive and happy to see her even though my dog can be a handful. She has been fully groomed as well and the service is excellent. Highly recommended!

Pat B.

We LOVE Lake Country Dog

Thank you for taking such excellent care of my precious Golden Retreiver puppy, Jack. He had so much fun with you and his doggie friends, he wore himself out and was asleep within ten minutes of being home! He looked amazing after his groom! We LOVE Lake Country Dog!

Corienne Winkels
Jack's Dog Mom

I appreciate the great service!

"I wanted to tell you that you're doing a great job of walking Petey and playing with him. You definitely do everything I need and then some. So I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the great service, and if I could afford it I would have you come every week for longer periods of time. You guys definitely know what you are doing. Thanks again.

Jason Hare
Happy Dog Walking Client
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