Lake Country Dog

December 30, 2016


Do you require my dog to have an appointment to come to daycare?

Yes! Please see our daycare page to understand how our unique daycare experience works!


Does your boarding fit into my budget?

Absolutely! We have many options to accommodate any budget. Each day can be unique and exciting for your pup, or calm and relaxing depending upon what YOUR dog needs! Contact us today to get a customized stay for your dog.


My dog seems really tired and thirsty after boarding/daycare. Is that OK?

Yes! By having your dog in daycare this provides an exciting and tiring day all around! We provide water all day, but it is NOT out of the ordinary for your dog to be extra thirsty at the end of the day. The same applies to boarding, a new environment and unusual routines can alter the way your pet takes in their food and water, once at home they will get right back into their old routine!


Is my dog going to need a bath after daycare?

Possibly, it is more likely that your dog will smell a little more “doggy” after playing with their friends, but that is just a sign that they are having a fun filled and exciting day!


Can my dog get groomed while at daycare or boarding?

Absolutely!  We have a groomer on site on Monday – Friday. We offer a $10 discount on grooms when combined with Daycare or Boarding services!


Will my dog get sick at your facility?

We strive to keep our building as clean as possible and we take all necessary precautions to prevent illnesses. Please keep in mind that just like human kids, and despite our cleaning regimen, viruses may be passed between dogs. Dogs that exhibit any symptoms will be taken home and dogs with anything contagious are not allowed to attend daycare until they have been cleared by a veterinarian.


There is a lot of barking when I drop off and pick up my dog, is it always like that?

Nope! Everyone always gets excited when new friends and people come and go. The pups calms down within a couple minutes and go right back to their quiet playing!


What should I being other than my dog for a day of daycare?

Every dog must have on a quick release collar (no buckles), a leash, and any meal or snack (or you may purchase one at Lake Country Dog) you would like for them.


Can daycare packages be used for boarding stays?

Not at this time. This is because our daycare and overnight prices are different. You MAY however apply a day of daycare off your daycare package to the last day of your overnight stay should it you pick up after 9:00 am. We also have a discount available for extended overnight stays, please contact Natasha for more information.

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