About Us

Natasha of Lake Country Dog with Cesar Millan, The Dog WhispererLake Country Dog offers some of the most beneficial services in dog care! At our facility, and visiting our client’s homes we offer a broad range of services; Doggy Daycare, Grooming, Boarding, and Dog Walking for the Oconomowoc area.  In this day and age it’s very hard to dedicate enough time to your pets.  That’s why Lake Country Dog is here.  Treat your dogs right and let them work off all that energy with us so when you come home you have one big bundle of calm love waiting for you.  That’s why our legs are here working for your paws.



Meet our Staff…

IMG_2792Hey there – I’m Natasha!  I have always had a passion for dogs – since I was as young as my son Reilly…maybe even before!  I had previously owned a dog walking company and knew that this was my true passion.  I soon realized that there was no centralized Daycare or Boarding in Oconomowoc so I decided create my own.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of your dogs and providing the top quality care they deserve!




IMG_0074-3Howdy Y’all…I’m Honey Bunny, or as my youngest wrangler, otherwise known as my mommy’s human baby, calls me “Hiya”.  I’m the official office dog and beauty queen.  I’m the
reason this all exists.  My wonderful mommy couldn’t bear to go to work and leave me alone all day, so what better solution than to build a business around ME!  Anyway, when I’m not in the office I’m at home helping my mommy take care of our human baby Reilly.  Thanks for coming to see me and I hope your puppy enjoys my beautiful kingdom known as Lake Country Dog.


13600151_1338963636130908_754226668229779338_nHi!  I’m Reilly the youngest wrangler in town.  I love coming to work with my mommy and playing with all the puppies!  I color pictures for the dogs all day long, throw toys for the puppies, and give lots of snuggles and loves.  Sometimes Mommy even lets me help pick up dogs from homes and drop them off with her at the end of the day.  You can usually find me in a superhero costume so I make sure to keep all the puppies safe!


IMG_4659Hi Guys!!!  I’m Softy LaBelle…the newest addition to the household AND the cutest little staff dog around!  I was a 4th birthday present to my best friend and favorite wrangler…my big brother Reilly!  I LOVE to get down and dirty with all the dogs that come to daycare here – see you soon!
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