• Advantages to Hiring a Dog Walker

    We, at Lake Country Dog, believe that for dogs to be physically healthy they need to be mentally healthy as well - one cannot exist without the other! When a dog does not get enough physical exercise it can cause them to have anxiety or aggression issues - problems that do not occur naturally in dogs. A dog playing in the back yard does not provide enough exercise. They are, by nature, pack animals and, because of this, it is helpful to a dog’s mental and physical health for them to spend their days playing in large groups. It is in this “pack atmosphere” where dogs develop a hierarchy which helps them to understand who’s in charge at home with their human families! When we are walking the dogs we like to let them feel as though we are their “pack leader.” It’s reassuring to them to know they don’t ...

    About Lake Country Dog

    Lake Country Dog offers some of the most beneficial services in dog care! At our facility, and visiting our client’s homes we offer a broad range of services; Doggy Daycare, Grooming, Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, & Poop Scooping for the Oconomowoc area. Husband and Wife team Matt and Natasha Steinman (with the help of little Reilly) founded Lake Country Dog, together they have created a facility of excellence. In this day and age it’s very hard to dedicate enough time to your pets. That’s why Lake Country Dog is here. Treat your dogs right and let them work off all that energy with us so when you come home you have one big bundle of calm love waiting for you. That’s why our legs are here working for your paws...

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    Doggie Day Care

    April 23, 2014
    Is your dog destroying your home while you are at work? Do you want your dog to gain socialization skills? When your dog comes to Lake Country Dog they get quality care and will make lots of puppy friends!
    Lake Country Dog - Dog Grooming Services


    April 23, 2014
    Dirty dog? Muddy Paws? Get your pup tail waggin' clean! Let us give your dog a wonderful sudsy massage and great brush out or hair cut. We guarantee they'll look and feel better after visiting Lake Country Dog.
    Dog Boarding at Lake Country Dog


    April 23, 2014
    Dogs enjoy the benefits of Daycare during the day… playing with friends and getting tired out… but have their own personal and private space at night. Our staff of exceptional and life long dog lovers give each dog plenty of one on one attention
    Lake Country Dog - Dog Training Services

    Dog Training

    March 25, 2014
    We are pleased to announce the addition of dog training to our services offered: Unique Dog Trainer Gets Unmatched Results No other dog trainer in the Waukesha and Milwaukee area has credentials approaching those of Rogue Dog Training. As a professio
    Lake Country Dog - Dog Walking Services

    Dog Walking

    February 13, 2014
    Get your pup out in the fresh air. We work rain, shine, sleet or snow! Your pooch will love the companionship and exercise our expert staff offers.